Beach wedding in Croatia

dream island wedding with rebeka & vasja


I remember the weather forecast for this day was simply disastrous. All I could hear was, "stormy, rainy, cold". Rebeka and I were crossing fingers it will not turn out that way and guess what - by the time I arrived to a pine-tree house camp near Pula, Croatia, where Rebeka and Vasja were getting ready, the day was sunny and hot.  I got out of the car and the first thing I saw, was Rebeka with the biggest smile waving at me. When I heard the laughter of their son, people ordering pizza and chilling in the shades I knew it will be a fantastic day. 

I could go on for days how incredibly beautiful the city Pula was, how the sunset light on a boat was mesmerising and that the island Levan is just a dream, but I will rather tell you, that I have never experienced so much laughter, joy, tears, hugs and warmth between people.  The crowd was so laid back and at the same time softly emotional - I am lost for words.  I was surrounded by so much love it was overwhelming. And the best part is, it felt like I was a part of it. I was told jokes that cracked me up, I danced and celebrated with the happy couple, I shared tears between the speeches and I don't remember if I was hugged more often or given drinks. I think you get the picture, right? Just freaking awesome.

I can not express my appreciation for all the warmth and love I received from everyone involved. 
You two! Thank you for letting me be a part of such an important day, for opening up, for such a warm welcome and trusting (in) me. Thank you for the love.