Couple shoot in Spain

Engagament session, Gran Canaria
Nika and Pedro

I landed in Gran Canaria and there she was with her enchanting smile, waving at me, welcoming me with open arms and a warm heart. That was the second time I met Nika, but it felt like we've been friends for ages. She and Pedro took me under their roof and the warmth they radiated made it feel like home. 

In those five days they let me into their lives and we grew even closer. I remember one day we sat on a vibrant street of Las Palmas, having dinner - it was an extremely warm and carless night - they shared their love story. Not only their paths crossed so many times it seemed made up, but it amazed me how circumstances played and teased their connection even after getting together. Their love went through quite some long distance tests till they decided to nest on the beautiful island. 

Someone once said; 'If it's important enough you'll find a way, if it's not, you'll find an excuse.' And they never stop choosing each other. 

You two. You rock. And I love you, but you already know that.