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I am so very happy
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My name is Gaja (/ɡˈa͡ɪə/  just in case you got confused) and if I was Wendy, I would never leave Neverland nor Peter. 

I am a NYC based wedding photographer and I am a big lover of people. I believe in connection and deep relationships and nothing brings me more happiness than exactly that. 


My father once said,
“I wish I had more pictures from when I was young”. I understood his words better than he realized. I would do anything to have more pictures with my grandmother, who is no longer with us. It makes me angry that it has been years since I took a picture with my brother.  Trust me, I really do understand how important photographs are. They are magical, they are tangible. Real. Truthful and reminiscent of a love that perhaps was once lost. I learned even a single picture can make you relive how beautifully that summer day was. Sometimes you can even hear the laughter that filled a room. They remind us of how we felt and that's the beauty of it. And as time passes, you will appreciate them more and more.


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