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Wedding photographer Berlin

My name is Gaja (/ɡˈa͡ɪə/  just in case you got confused) and if I was Wendy, I would never leave Neverland nor Peter. 

I am a big lover of people. I believe in connection and deep relationships and nothing brings me more happiness than exactly that. 

My father once said “I wish I had more pictures from when I was young”. I understood his words better than he realised. I would do anything to have more pictures with my grandmother, who is no longer with us. It makes me angry that it has been years since I took a picture with my brother.  Trust me, I really do understand how important photographs are. They are magical, they are tangible. Real. Truthful and reminiscent of a love that perhaps was once lost. I learned even a single picture can make you relive how beautifully that summer day was. Sometimes you can even hear the laughter that filled a room or remember how good that cake tasted. They remind us of how we felt and that's the beauty of it. And as time passes, the you will appreciate them more and more.

Over and over again I am overwhelmed when couples choose me to shoot their memories, that I am trusted to document their most important day. Nothing is more important to me to than catching those moments and capturing them safe! 

Perhaps you could let me into your life for just long enough to capture yours?
Let's be friends and create something magical together
I can not wait to hear from you !

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