Jordan & Tim

From the moment we met her, we felt welcome and appreciated - it was like having coffee with an old friend. We wanted to find a photographer who took good photos, but also made us feel comfortable on our wedding day. After our first meeting with Gaja, it was clear that she was the right choice. Our wedding day was an absolute dream, and thanks to Gaja we will be able to hold on to that dream forever. She helped us so much to stop and enjoy the moment... she reminded us that it was our day. When everything seemed to go by so quickly, the peace that she carried with her behind the camera made a huge difference. The photos turned out beautifully, but the way that she took care of my husband and I on our special day really left a mark. It was a blessing to have her as a photographer, guest, and friend. We look forward to the years ahead of us, when we can look back at the moments we shared as newlyweds. Thank you so much, Gaja!

Gaja Kutnjak